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Exhibition stands under protective observation

  • The abstract security situation,

  • the refugee problem,

  • the growing desire for more security in people

  • and the good economic situation and the resulting need for security,

demands more and more security personnel from the security companies.

That pleases every entrepreneur!

Unfortunately, there are currently not enough people who can do this job, let alone have the right qualification.


My name is Wolfgang Dölling, with my company, Dölling Sicherheit GmbH, I have been protecting exhibition stands, events and entire halls with video technology for more than 20 years.


Below I explain to you how such a thing can be done safely and inexpensively.

Through the use of intelligent technology, we free humans from stupid observation tasks and use it in case of incidents in a targeted and demand-oriented manner.

That is, we guard the area to be protected with high-resolution cameras that are constantly watching, have no human need, are not distracted, or unfocused. This can happen to a security guard with a 10 – 12-hour shift (or longer).

The question that crops up again and again in our sales talks is. „What use the video recording the next day, when is was stolen during the night? “ 

The question would be justified if we only stored the image data. With the help of intelligent software, our cameras detect every change in the image and immediately send the alarm with the live images to our video surveillance centre. 

Based on the live images and images recorded prior to the alarm, the security guard in the security centre can immediately tell if is a false alarm, e.g. by shadowing or incidence of light, or is an actual theft attempt. In this case, the security personnel who are in the hall are immediately activated and sent to the stand. 

However, modern security technology deters in advance. We therefore recommend fencing the stand with clearly visible barrier tape an “video surveillance” sign. The corresponding material is also available. 

This security concept, consisting of a combination of man and technology, guarantees 100% continuous surveillance of the area to be secured.

How does this work in detail?

There are two variants for this:


The cameras are permanently installed on the Exhibition stand and connected to the video management system with a multifunctional cable.

The system is about the size of a pilot case and can be ideally placed in the kitchen or storage room.

This video surveillance system accommodates image archiving, digital motion sensors and power to the cameras.

The connection to our video centre can be over,


  • an internet connection

  • Via the fair IP network

  • Or via our cloud based LTE network



The second version is Mobil and can be quickly and easily pushed to any place and used. The system consists of a case (50x50x50cm) with and extendable mast (up to 5,80mtr.) and 4 network cameras. The case is built on sturdy wheels. It only needs a power supply.

The alarm image transfer is usually via our own cloud to our video security centre.

We do not need internet, wifi or similar

A security guard on site can also with a laptop, tablet or similar. Be equipped to use the cameras for monitoring of the exhibition stand or an entire hall.

Without great installation effort or special expertise, the opportunity arises to use this system to quickly monitor a booth.

Two other conflicting possibilities arise through the use of this system.

  • If the visitors are not deterred by video surveillance during the day or the system gets in the way, the system can be dismantled quickly and easily.

  • If, however, a deterrent effect during the day by the use of a video surveillance, the system can remain “provocative and conspicuous".

In both cases, the entire programming of the systems, such as the digital motion sensors, the image archiving and the arming period, is done by our

video surveillance centre.

Prospekt Seite 2 ohne Hintergrund_ engli

In addition, the use of modern video technology can add value to the exhibitor.

For example:


  • Time lapse films including construction and dismantling are created

  • Visitor flows are determined at various meeting points.

  • Live images from the exhibition stand or special products are put on the own website.

  • On digital signage screens live images from the booth are mixed with advertising

If we have made you curious and you would like to see our systems, we would appreciate an invitation.

Dölling Sicherheit GmbH

Rauschbeerstraße 39

D - 48712 Gescher

Phone: 0049 2863 / 38 29 670


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